Grandparent’s Day

25 Sep

I love my Pappy Pastor!

It is such an honor to be a Christian grandparent. Just a couple of Sundays ago, our church hosted its first Christian Grandparent’s Day of Prayer (GAP). It was an amazing day blessed by the Lord. Over 20 grandparents came to the front of the church, while my husband/pastor asked me to come forward and join him on the platform with our two present grandchildren, Ella and Max. Pastor Jeff then asked all the grandparents to share the names of all their grandchildren, and while the mic was being passed around, each grandparent proudly stated the names of their precious grands. During this time, Max (our 18-month old grandson) roamed around the platform some, until his older sister, Ella (8), said to him “Max sit down next to me while Pappy prays for all the grandparents and their grandkids.” Amazingly, he did, but just before, he folded his hands to pray and took a sip of water out of his pappy’s/pastor’s crystal glass, which is always sitting on the platform for Pastor Jeff to drink from during his Sunday morning sermons. Each grandparent left with a list of Scriptures to pray for their grandchildren. This list was provided by Lillian Penner at To learn more about the Christian Grandparent’s Day of Prayer and other resources for Christian grandparents, go to:

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