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40 Days Introspection

40 DaysMy 10 year-old granddaughter, Ella, reminded me yesterday that my mind is possibly becoming “mush!”  While discussing ways our family could observe the Lenten season, my daughter, Ella’s aunt, asked me about the meaning behind the 40 days of Lent. After stumbling through a couple of my own thoughts, Ella, in her sweet humility said, “You know, it’s about Jesus being tempted in the wilderness for 40 days.” Of course, I knew that, but why the brain freeze at that moment.  Could it be the emphasis of Lent is not where it should be?

I’d like to believe that I will set aside the 40 days leading up to Good Friday, as a time of personal introspection. I’d thought about the common “self-denial” that is often recognized as something we give up (or deny ourselves from), but then, this doesn’t quite appeal to me this year. Would I really draw nearer to Christ if I gave up eating sweets for 40 days, or if I fasted from social media? Possibly, but I’m really needing to give up more than those things that enter my body internally.

God drew me to the book, Holey, Wholly, Holy, A Lenten journey of refinement. My husband read this book last year and I noticed it lying with all our other seasonal reading materials. After reading only the notes from the author, Kris Camealy, the introduction, and some of the chapter titles: You Can’t Hurry the Holy, Self-Examination (Holey), There’s No shortcut to Holiness, I knew I’d found the right Lenten resource for my 40 day journey.

Although my present personal struggle has permeated my mind over the past several months, it is my desire to use this Lenten season to hear the voice of my Savior as I intentionally quiet myself before Him. Too often, the noises around me are so loud that I can’t hear His loving and authoritative voice.

I like the prayer that Kris has written in the front of her book. 

Father God, you are most perfect and Holy. We cannot fathom the depths of your love that sent your own Son through the horror and suffering of the crucifixion, in place of lowly sinners such as us. Lord as we search for our place alongside you this Lenten season, I ask that you would mercifully lead us (me) into your will, that you would draw us (me) ever closer to your heart, through your gentle humbling. Make us willing, Father, help us (me) to receive your grace. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

To receive a copy of Holey, Wholly, Holy, A Lenten journey of refinement and learn more about the author:

Activities for LentIn our family sharing of ideas for the Lenten season, I came across these ideas from a fellow blogger. I especially like the White Flowers & Red Food Dye.

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