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Grandchild of the Month

Grandkids Christmas 2013My husband, Jeff, recently decided he wants to be more intentional about spending time with our six grandchildren, who range in age 2 months to 10 years. Here’s what he’s come up with. I think it’s pretty cool!

Each month of the year will be designated as Grandchild of the Month. Jeff will begin with our oldest granddaughter, Ella, designating January as her special month, and will go right down the list to our youngest grandchild, Jocelyn. And since there are 12 months and we only have 6 grandchildren, each grandchild will be allotted 2 special months per year. Who knows…we may need to add another month or two in the future. Ha!

Here’s what Jeff has envisioned it looking like…and says he will tweak it along the way.

First, Pappy (as he is referred to by our grandkids), will print up a certificate for each grandchild, and it will read something like this: Grandchild of the Month (of January), their name, along with a special thought and or Scripture for each child, signed by Pappy. He will then mail the certificate to the grandchild, announcing their special month.

Pappy plans to do special things with and for each of our grandchildren throughout their designated month(s). This will be based on their age and interests, along with his age and interests. For instance, we have a grandchild who likes art, so they may visit an art museum together. And another grandchild is all about playing outdoors and wildlife, so they may have a camp-out together or visit the new dinosaur museum. Jeff is an avid golfer, so he will no doubt take each of them golfing (the little ones to a “putt-putt course” to begin with).

He also plans to send them notes of affirmation and encouragement, take them to their favorite restaurants; and along their monthly journeys, openly share His faith in Christ, and love for God with them.

I believe the best part of the Grandchild of the Month will be the love shared between grandpa (Pappy) and each grandchild.

This obviously can be implemented between parents and their children.  “Child of the Month”

“Children’s children are a crown to the aged,
    and parents are the pride of their children” (Proverbs 17:6).

We are very proud of the family God has blessed us with.

Happy and Joyful New Year to our Friends & Family!

Fletcher Family Christmas 2013 closeup


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